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Drew Binsky's Tour of Tuvalu
YES Theory's Tour of Tuvalu

Activities on Tuvalu

Beaches and Ocean WW2Plane

Tuvalu has 33 sq km of protected lagoon, coral reefs, Ocean and islands. Tourists are open to walk or picknick on the islands. You can even skuba-dive in the reefs, there might not be any local dive shops, but the local hotels would be more than happy to rent you equiptmnet. Divers can even EXPLORE WW2 plane and boat wrecks

Sports te ano

Despite Tuvlus tiny size, there are daily sporting maches on funafuti Island. When planes are not landing or taking off, The runways of Funafuti international airport become sports feilds.

Tuvalu offers a one of the kind sport, Their national sport is te ano (the ball). Two opposing teams throw a heavy ball into the air. Players must hit the ball up with thier hands. A point is score when the opposing team drops the ball.
The lossing team must prefrom a song for the winners.

yacht Tours

One of the most popular ways of touring the island is Via Yacht. By chartering a yacht, you can tour all 9 islands. Through the local company, "Neverland Yacht Charter" you can get a tour, and even go fishing.

Tours of the larger island can easly be acomplished on foot, but for those in a hurry islands with roads have motorbike renting