Welcome to Tuvalu

One of the world’s smallest island nations, hidden in the pacific.

  • Tuvalu is the least vistied country
  • Tuvalu spans Islands, with a land area of only 26 km or 10 miles, Tuvalu is the 4th smallest country recognized by the UN
  • As of 2020 Tuvalu only has 10,679 permanent residents, making it the second smallest nation in terms of population
    Only the Vatican has a smaller population, and they have 825 residents.
  • Tuvalu is composed of three reef islands and six atolls, eight of the nine islands are inhabited
  • The Capital of Tuvalu is an atoll called Funafuti, this island has a small surface area, at 2.4km or 0.9 miles.
    It is on Funafuti that 6,300 of the countries 10,679 citizens live and work.
    It is also one to Tuvalu only International airport which has been active since its construction during WW2.
  • Tuvalu gained their independence from the British in 1978, becoming fully independent commonwealth nation
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Speech in the water Tuvalu will be one of the first nations to be impacted by rising sea levels. Much of Tuvalu’s lowlands are only a few feet above sea level, so any significant rase in water level, or erosion would shrink this nation. However is the past 4 decades, Tuvalu’s coast has grown in size, and will continue to be inhabited for years to come.

The government of Tuvalu does not consider rising sea levels significant enough to warrant the relocation of Tuvaluans. Despite this, other nations have offered to take in Tuvalu’s population should the need arise.

The future of Tuvalu has many challenges ahead, but Tuvalu will continue to persevere